Trust Board Resignation

28 Mar

Following the resignation of the Stirling Albion Supporters Trust Board at Monday’s meeting, held in the Golden Lion Hotel, I was asked by the SAST Members present, to fill the gap and look to arrange a meeting for members to appoint a new SAST Board.  The first thing I have done towards that end has been to seek advice on how to proceed.

It is important that we meet all the necessary legal requirements to avoid being challenged at a later date.  I hope to get clarity, tomorrow, on the way forward and will keep you updated on progress.  Thank you for your patience!  We have a great opportunity to lay to rest differences and seek to find an open and transparent way forward for the benefit of all associated with Stirling Albion FC.


Duncan Strathdee

5 Replies to “Trust Board Resignation

  1. I think it’s completely wrong if the board resigned because of verbal abuse as stated in the papers
    No one should be subject to this and action should be taken against the so called supporters who carried this out

  2. Hi Andrew
    In response to your comments above. There have been ongoing differences between SAST Members and the Trust Board, which have not been reported in the papers, and which came to a head recently, when the Trust Board informed the Members that they had co-opted and appointed a new Chair. The person appointed was considered unacceptable by the Members, who began the ‘Time for Change’ campaign. Unfortunately, some, on both sides, have made comments which can be considered abusive, but to say that the sole reason for the Trust Board to resign was because of verbal abuse, does not portray the whole picture.
    As you said, no one should be subjected to this, but it is now time, for all concerned, to draw a line under what has been said and happened and work towards building a more positive future together.
    Duncan Strathdee
    Interim Chair SAST

    • Mr Lenendowski is a very experienced business man and has experienced club management as chairman of Hibs
      Perhaps the way he was co opted left a bit to be desired but can we afford to discard experience?

  3. That “experience” unfortunately didn’t show much respect for democracy at the club. He was coopted to be chairman of a board that already had a motion of no confidence submitted against them. If Mr Lewandowski wished to give the benefit of his experience, he could have addressed the members with his business plan and then asked to be voted in as chairman.

  4. So true donna, he did not endear himself to the members at all and we know of three examples where instead of being subject to abuse he indeed dished it out in foul mothed tirades. Its a shame that the board decided to resign en masse but indeed it was time for change.

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