Thursday Update

29 Mar

Unfortunately, progress has been slow today.  I have contacted the Financial Conduct Authority, to whom the SAST is accountable, for confirmation of compliance with the FCA Regulations.  Due to the holiday weekend, it will now be Tuesday at the earliest that I hope to get word back from them.  It’s really important to cover every base before taking the next step, as failure to do so could set us back even further.

I’d like to thank all those who have offered help.  Until we begin the process of setting a date for the SGM, I’m limited as to what help is required.  However, I would like to thank Robert Clubb for setting up the new SAST web and Facebook pages, which allows communicating with you a little bit easier.  The web page is under development and can be accessed at  Donna Hanlon-Gray has also been working away in the background too.

I have also spoken with Jim Thomson, who is working with me to help make the transition easier.  I am really grateful that Jim has chosen to do so.

Once I’ve been able to get the necessary things in place, we’ll be able to move forward to electing our new Trust Board.

Yours Aye


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