Home Kit 2018-19 and 2019-20

17 Apr

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These are the three options for our new “home” kit for the next two seasons.

Whilst we are sure every fan will have a view on their preferred option, only Stirling Albion Supporters’ Trust Members are entitled to a formal vote. 

Trust Members can register their vote by e-mailing the Club on office@stirlingalbionfc.co.uk  

Please provide the following details

  • Full Name
  • SASC Trust Membership Number
  • First Choice
  • Second Choice
  • Third Choice 

Voting closes at midday on Friday 27 April 2018

2 Replies to “Home Kit 2018-19 and 2019-20

  1. Who is responsible for narrowing it down to the three choices given?
    Who is responsible for the original guidelines for the design of the shirts?
    Why are the members not canvassed on the above points prior to being presented with the choices given?
    Some people in the trust must have been responsible for the design guidelines given to kit manufacturers and must have been also responsible for choosing the final three options given.
    I strongly believe all members should be involved in the whole process.
    I also think it is wrong to present the tops in isolation.Why is there no option on shirts and socks?
    A shirt can look good in isolation but team it with the wrong shorts and/or socks and the whole strip can look awful.
    I raise these points because our strips,with the exception of the white with two red hoops top(btw the socks and shorts were awful) always seem very samey and are hardly much different to any other team in a red top which I find a bit sad.I would like the Albion to be identifiabley different.
    I just can’t,yet again,get remotely excited by the choice of,in my opinion,boring tops presented for the next two seasons.

    • Hi John
      Not sure how we got to the selection of proposed new home kit tops for us to vote on, but will find out and post an update ASAP.
      Kindest regards

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