Statement from New Chairman

4 May

On behalf of the newly-elected Supporters’ Trust Board, I should like to thank those members who attended the meeting on 3rd May 2018 and contributed to the appointment of the new Trust Board.

The meeting is the start of a new and positive era for the Trust and I can assure you all that the new Board is fully committed to delivering on our promises to maintain improved levels of communication and, by so doing, enabling all members to contribute to an exciting and positive future.

It is the Board’s intention to call our inaugural meeting in week commencing 7th May 2018 at a date to be decided following the outcome of the journey to Peterhead on 5th May 2018.

Many thanks for the support and goodwill shown to date.

Gordon McMinn (Chairman)

On behalf of :-

Robert Clubb
John Turnbull
Ian Allardice
John Buchan

One Reply to “Statement from New Chairman”

  1. My best wishes to all for putting themselves forward in a very difficult situation. Thank you for that.

    My particular thanks go to Duncan Strathdee, who had the unenviable and potentially explosive task, of having to negotiate with ex board members to try and contact trust members. Something that had to be done with no membership list available to him. I doubt anyone else could have matched Duncan’s ability to do that. No praise is praise enough, for the load Duncan bore on his shoulders in turning chaos into progress. Thank you sir.

    Special praise also extends to Robert Clubb, for his expertise and speed in establishing a new website and extending online communication. Robert has much more to offer beyond that, as a level head always willing to look at both sides of a difference of opinion. A fine asset for the board in any role. Thank you Robert. Again, no praise is enough.

    Without these 5 people we could not even have formed a bare quorum to move forward. No one could be co-opted to extend expertise, until we voted in at least a basic elected quorum and gave them the opportunity to have a legitimate discussion on it. It was never the establishment of a benchmark of a board of 5 by Duncan Strathdee. This was a basic starting point forced on him by the small number of nominees. My thanks to all at the meeting who recognized that and gave their overwhelming support to getting a working quorum on it’s feet before expecting it to run. As Shakespeare said after finally finishing Hamlet. “Thank **** that’s over!”

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