Joint Club and Trust Boards Statement

1 Jul

Further to an article published in Saturday’s edition of a national newspaper, the Club and Trust Boards consider it appropriate to make a joint official statement to clarify the situation for Trust members and our supporters…

No transfer deals or signings have been conducted between the Chairman or  the Club Board and John Neill. Dave Mackay has sole authority with regards to all playing matters, including  management of his allocated playing budget.

John Neill’s involvement with Dave Mackay was explained in a statement issued on both the Club and Trust official websites on 18 May –   This position remains unchanged.

No “showdown talks” have been held between the Chairman and Dave Mackay at any time, let alone in connection with his working relationship with John Neill. Last Thursday evening, Dave met with the Club Board and the discussion detail is covered in his “Manager’s Message” below.

With regard to the offers to invest in SAFC, irrespective of any individual opinion that may be held, the Club Board, supported by the Trust Board can unequivocally confirm they are, and will remain, fully committed to and united in conducting themselves, in all matters, in a manner that is 100% in the best interest of Stirling Albion FC.

It should be noted that the offers will be determined by the Trust Membership and as such members of both Boards will be free to exercise their individual vote as Trust members.


With reference to the inferences contained in the newspaper article as referred to in the Club and Trust Boards’ statement, I would wish to confirm that my relationship with the Club Board is, and always has been, entirely cordial and the suggestion of “showdown talks” with the Chairman is complete nonsense.  I attended a board meeting on Thursday to discuss many things all of which involved the playing side from recent signings to potential signings and budgets etc. These types of meetings are usually pretty regular occurrences during transfer windows.

I’ve kept quiet over the proposed takeover bid and all the problems in the background at the club over the last few months and with good reason too. I’m unable to affect any of this, I’m employed solely to look after the footballing side of things at the club and I don’t get involved in any of the politics.

At this time, however, I feel as though I have no other option but to speak out due to the rumours and lies going around regarding my position. These range from John Neill signing players to taking training sessions which are completely ludicrous. Myself and John have regular contact regarding potential signings. He will speak to some agents and put some names towards me to see if they are of any interest but I can categorically say that any signing that comes through the doors at Forthbank will do so by my decision and my decision only. To think otherwise is extremely insulting to me.  Why would I sign players on the say so of someone else when it is MY career that is on the line?  I would rather walk from a position I love than be dictated to on footballing matters.

John joined in the first couple of pre-season sessions after asking myself if this would be okay.  Considering these were mostly running sessions his presence would have no affect whatsoever on the players taking part or the sessions that myself and Frazer had prepared . That’s as far as it went and will go. 

I hope this clears up any of the issues or questions raised recently. 

My focus is and always has been on building a squad strong enough to challenge for promotion this season and will continue to be the case regardless of who is in power at Stirling Albion Football Club. 

Dave Mackay

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