Trust Membership Renewals

25 Aug

Members can renew their Trust membership from Saturday 25th August at Forthbank across from the club shop. We have kept the cost of renewing at £10 and £5 (unwaged) but we have changed the renewal date to August for all members regardless of when the members joined the Supporters’ Trust. This will make it easier to work out when to renew your Trust Membership as everyone will renew in August.

I am happy to discuss with any member if they feel they wish to discuss the change of the membership system to everyone renewing in August.

It is intended that as many members as possible can renew in person at Forthbank so the Trust can save money on PayPal fees and postage. While this will not be suitable for all members, it should save the Trust some money, your money.

Members who joined the Trust after April 2018 will be contacted in the next fortnight and can pick up their joining envelope at Queen’s Park (H) on 15th Sept

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  1. I take it that members who pay by standing order this does not concern them and their Trust membership will be automatically renew when payment is taken from their Bank Account.

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