Club Board Appointment

22 Sep

The Trust Board wishes to announce their endorsement of the appointment of Colin Rowley to the Club Board following the recommendation of the Club Board members.  Colin is well-known to many Stirling fans, supporting the team not only as a fan but also as a long-time sponsor of the Home Shirt, Stadium Advertising, the Annual Dinner and the Golf Day.

Colin will have no directorial role, and no voting rights, but will bring a wealth of business and commercial experience that will prove invaluable.  He will take up his duties immediately.

The recent departures of John Hunter and David McFarlane have caused the Club Board significant operational difficulties and the appointment of Colin Rowley will go some way towards addressing this and help bring the stability that we are all seeking. Colin’s initial focus will be on increasing commercial opportunities and revenues so in this regard he will help fill the gap left by those departures.

Colin will also contribute to the development of a longer-term strategic plan for the Club on which both the Trust and Club Boards are currently working.  We feel that Colin’s business insight, drive and enthusiasm will help us identify areas for further improvement and ways in which we might take a more innovative approach to developing the Club.  We are grateful that he is giving up his time to assist us and look forward to working with him and our other colleagues on the Club Board as we plan our future.

The Trust and Club Boards have consulted with each other and Colin Rowley throughout this process and we are all in agreement that this represents a positive step forward for the club.

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