Away Kit Vote 2019

12 Apr

This year the club has opted for the Rigel model from Macron as a replacement for the current blue/yellow kit.  It offers best value for money given the limited opportunities for wearing it (colour clashes and so on) and the relatively low number of retail sales.

The kit comes in a single colour but offers a range of sizes up to 5XL

You can see the options below (note that these are mock-ups for the moment and pending finalised design for logos etc).

If you want to vote then please fill in the details below.  We need your name and membership number to validate your selection.

Voting closes on Sunday 21 April 2019

Please see our privacy notice which covers how we handle your personal information

Voting is now closed

18 Replies to “Away Kit Vote 2019

  1. I take it the shorts/socks will be the same colour as the top? That may influence people’s decision. I’ll be happy with any one to be honest 😊

  2. Blue and black are the best of a bad bunch. If any of the first three are selected, they will be the worst shirts the Albion have ever worn.

  3. When did Stevie Wonder get a say in the shortlist of new shirts? 1, 2 & 3 would make us the laughing stock of the league. Has to be “all black” – Real Madrid away and the Kiwi rugby team swim to do okay in black….

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