Trust Lottery Cancelled

19 Mar

The Stirling Albion Trust Lottery was drawn last night. The Jackpot wasn’t won.  One player matched three numbers, winning the £250 weekly prize.

A significant proportion of our Lottery income is realised from offline sales made in pubs, clubs and other retail outlets.

Following the recent advice from UK and Scottish governments, regarding avoiding gatherings in pubs, restaurants etc,. it is anticipated that this lottery income will fall markedly. Consequently, the Trust Board believes it may be unable to meet prize obligations with the anticipated drop in cash sales through our local agents.

As a result, the Trust Board is announcing the immediate cessation of the existing Stirling Albion Trust Lottery.

Players with Standing Orders in place are advised to stop payments immediately. Any outstanding entry money from players who have paid for plays in advance will be returned. 

The Trust Board will use this hiatus to continue with the design and launch of a platform for a new Lottery and will launch it as soon as it makes sense to do so.

Meanwhile, all monies held in the Lottery pool will be dispersed. 

The Jackpot stood at £7200.

After money is put aside to cover the costs of running the lottery, £1000 will be retained to prime a Jackpot for the new lottery. The remainder will be passed to the Club to be used for the good causes for which the lottery was originally set up.

We hope that the new lottery will prove attractive to players, that players will be able to see how participation helps the Club we all support and that as many as possible sign up to participate.

Meanwhile, we ask everyone to continue to follow the advice of Government, NHS and other trusted sources, to look after yourselves and your families and to stay safe and well

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