Stirling Albion Fundraising Appeal

24 Mar

Joint statement by Stirling Albion FC and Stirling Albion Supporters Trust

You will undoubtedly be aware that the COVID19 pandemic is a fast-moving situation. It is one that the club has been monitoring closely.

The club ceased to have any commercial revenue for season 2019/20 with immediate effect when football was effectively shut down on 13th March 2020 by the Scottish football authorities.

That negative commercial impact was further compounded by the necessary decision to cancel the planned Annual Fundraising Dinner.

Stirling Albion has a duty to act responsibly to ensure the wellbeing of our supporters and wider public health. We take that duty seriously and we have, and will, respect all advice and guidelines coming from the various Governments.

As a fan-owned club, we can’t rely on any grand benefactors, so it is to our fans and our community that we must turn for financial support.

Whilst measures and support received from the SFA, SPFL and governments are welcomed, they do not completely address the financial shortfall that is engulfing us now and will do in the weeks and months to come.

Whilst we refute completely, hysterical stories like that which appeared in an English-based tabloid recently, mis-describing the fundraising initiative launched by the Supporters’ Trust, it remains true that we need to turn to members of the Supporters’ Trust, to supporters in general, and to the wider communities in Stirling and ask for financial help to get us through and beyond these tough times.

We recognise that individuals in our communities may be facing their own financial challenges, but we ask that, where you can, you consider contributing to our fundraising drive. For that reason, we have launched a GoFundMe page to provide our supporters and communities a method of contributing online to our fundraising drive, in which we are asking for your help in raising £10,000.

Please visit our GoFundMe page, sign up and help us deal with the challenges ahead.

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