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13 Apr

Members may be aware of some recent stories in the press and online media about a proposed introduction of ‘Colt’ or ‘B’ teams into the SPFL.  There is nothing concrete so far but as a Board we are interested in members views should these plans crystallise in future.  We’ve created a simple online form which we are asking as many people as possible to complete.  It should only take a few minutes of your time and we hope that the responses will help shape our thinking in how we would respond to any proposals that might emerge.

You don’t need to be a Trust member to participate n the survey

You can access the survey here

3 Replies to “Colt Teams Survey

  1. I am completely against colt teams entering the league 4 years ago we asked teams to transfer over from the junior game to compete for there chance to play league football ,we had some early successes Edinburgh City and cove rangers but now it seems the old firm Can place teams above these clubs in the pecking order because of there stature. This cannot be allowed especially when Kelty have twice won the lowland league and never even had a chance at a playoff. The only benefits are for rangers and celtic or any other colt teams and will inevitably mean players who would once be loaned out to smaller clubs like us will now be kept to fill this team ,my other concern is will it cause them to hoard scotlands young talent like Chelsea do in England. I understand after a season of reduced turnover it would be easy to accept whatever financial renumeration they will offer to Grease the wheels but I urge you not to accept it as it will harm us in the long run and the last thing we want is to drop into the lowland league as its v hard to get out just ask the shire.

  2. I totally agree. This idea can be disguised as ‘revolutionary’ and ‘progressive’ but don’t be fooled- the big two will only get bigger to the detriment of every other team. This won’t benefit Scottish football in the longer term despite any short term financial gain.

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