Next Season’s Home Kit Vote

19 Apr

This is your chance to vote for next season’s home kit. We’ve taken into account best value from our current supplier, Macron, and what works for our main shirt sponsor, Prudential

The kit comes in a range of sizes up to 5XL

You can see the options below (note that these are mock-ups for the moment and pending finalised design for logos etc).

If you want to vote then please fill in the details below.  We need your name and membership number to validate your selection.

Please see our privacy notice which covers how we handle your personal information

Voting is now closed

12 Replies to “Next Season’s Home Kit Vote

  1. Tbh very uninspiring choice here and honestly think a full red with white shoulder and arm version is a sad miss in the choices

  2. Have to agree with Mark’s opinion, the 3 options look like training shirts and are very uninspiring kit choices. Made my vote but can’t see the winner being a big seller sadly.

  3. Agree with previous comments made, not impressed with any of the designs but No 2 was the best of a bad bunch.

  4. Have voted but not impressed with any of them and worry they would not sell. Very plain and too much like t shirts

  5. Should it not be the other way about and the club/fans suggesting strip design to Macron ?
    Is it just a straightforward take it or leave it ? Option 2 looks the best of a process the design team hasn’t taken much time over.

  6. Have voted for option 2 , but think there should have been more white in this design , although I am not impressed by any of them .

  7. Not voting for any of them.All are equally uninspiring and tbh I don’t like any of them.As in past years the designs could be for any club that plays in a similar red and white kit.Mundane to say the least..I would just like to see the Albion have a kit that differentiates us from other clubs playing in Red and White.Say what you like about the white and two red hoops kit of the late 1950s to mid 1960s but it was different to any other club playing in red and white at the time and gave us a bit of an identity too.Pity the 21st century version of that kit turned out to be rather crappy.Very disappointedwith the choice.

  8. As many comments – just look like ‘leisurewear’ – would still prefer white sleeves and something that looks like a football shirt

  9. It looks like a sports leisure top, as said by so many people. I didn’t vote for any of them either. Probably the least worst of 3 horrible options. Be glad when Macron’s contract runs out. They suck!

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