The Trust is a Democracy – Make Sure You Take Part

20 Mar

The Stirling Albion Supporters’ Trust would like to share with you an update around the voting for the Annual General Meeting, which will be on Sunday, 27th March 2022 at 1500.

Since Monday we have had 85 new members join. Only 18 are recorded as having been a member before, with many postcodes outside of the Stirling area and with some accounts batch registering many new joiners. We are concerned that some people may be abusing the democratic process to undermine voting.

It is vital that all Members use their democratic right to influence the way forward to ensure the wider membership of the Trust is represented.

There are many previous members who have still not rejoined the Trust. The time has come for Stirling Albion fans to make their voices heard and a Trust Membership is the route to doing so. Trust Memberships can be taken out via this link:

We would like to highlight again that AGM Resolutions 1 to 3 were submitted by two members independent of the Trust Board. The Trust Board are remaining neutral on these as we place faith in the Membership to decide whether to vote in favour or against.

As per the rules of our constitution we are facilitating online voting; closing during the event with forewarning and due notice given by the Chair.

We will still facilitate proxy voting in paper form.

We will facilitate the use of an electronic device should any members in attendance not have access to one with internet access.

We will publish the voting records in full following the AGM with Membership Numbers and associated votes as a matter of public record. We will not publish names or any further details of Members. Again, for the avoidance of doubt, we will crosscheck to make sure no individual votes more than once. We will also store the full voting records with the Trust’s lawyers.

The link for voting remains the same, with now only 7 questions than the previous 8, following the recent resignation of a Trust Board member:

Finally, we are almost at capacity for the event at the Golden Lion. Please reply to this email should you like to attend. Don’t worry though, you can also attend online via Zoom call should we reach capacity (details to follow in the week ahead). Should you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch

2 Replies to “The Trust is a Democracy – Make Sure You Take Part

  1. I read this article with interest, I was a Caledonian FC supporter in Inverness before the immoral merger with Inverness Thistle. Before the merger to become a member of Caledonian you simply bought a season ticket, Caley had around 180 members/season ticket holders originally. Most true Caley fans did not want the merger and the Caley committee who were trying to push the merger through were struggling to get the votes they needed to approve the merger. Suddenly the membership shot up to over 550 and this was largely brought about by the club giving away free memberships to anyone who would come along and vote for the merger. Many of these “new members” worked for Tulloch Construction who had a vested interest in building the new stadium
    So that is the real story of how a 107 year old football club with great traditions was stolen from its own supporters. You are therefore absolutely right to be wary of what seems to be a suspicious infiltration of your club
    Good luck for the future, at least you still have a club to support
    Best regards
    Alasdair Macdonald

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