Latest Meeting Minutes and Counter Resolution

11 Jul

The Stirling Albion Supporters’ Trust would like to share with you, the minutes of Trust Board meetings held on 9th and 22nd June.

You can read the minutes on our Document Library page. Just download the ones you want by clicking on the relevant link.

The Trust Board has put forward resolutions to remove the existing Directors of the Club. This can only be done through calling a General Meeting of the Company (STIRLING ALBION FOOTBALL AND ATHLETIC CLUB LIMITED). We would like to inform you of a counter resolution from some members requesting the Trust Board withdraw its motion and retain the Directors. We are tentatively planning the General Meeting for 26th July 2022 at the Forth Valley College, Drip Road Campus.

The reasons for removing the Club Directors were explained in our communication of 30th May 2022. We are aware this may seem like an extreme act. Our primary objective is only to put in place normal governance rules which would make the board of the Club accountable to the owners of the Club. There are none in place currently and, unfortunately, the current board of the Club have shown they are unwilling to work with the Trust (as owners) to put them in place. The Directors have done whatever they have wanted without any reference to the shareholders. These rules are perfectly standard – other fan-owned clubs have rules like these in place – and are critical for the long term management and success of Stirling Albion.

We understand that some supporters have concerns about a possible disruption to the operation of the Club if the current Directors are removed. What is planned is that an interim Board is put in place while governance structures are reviewed and a framework set in place for the future of our Club, which has proven impossible under the current regime.

We said on 30th May that our decision is not a reflection on the many volunteers who have and we hope will continue to support the Club.

Our goal is to set up a governance structure in which the members of the Club Board are democratically elected by, and made accountable to the Trust’s members. To this end we shall be holding a workshop in which you will all have the opportunity to put forward your own ideas as to how this should operate. We hope that this will lead to the Club being more successful than has been the case in recent years.

Details of the date and venue of the outstanding Annual General Meeting and the Workshop will follow in our next update.

Please renew your membership via this link in order to get your say in Stirling Albion’s future. If the friends you attend Albion matches with are not members, we ask you to encourage them to join. The Trust can only be effective if as many genuine fans of the Club as possible are members.

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