Joint Boards Statement

9 Sep

It has been 13 days since the former directors of Stirling Albion Football club resigned, leaving the Trust, as the majority shareholder, to step in and put in place measures to ensure that the Club could fulfil its legal obligations as well as the SFA and SPFL requirements.

Both the new Trust and Club Boards felt it would be useful to update you on what has been achieved in that short time. This has only been possible thanks to the Club’s staff and many volunteers who have put in a huge effort to ensure that things continue to run as smoothly as possible.

The following is a summary of the key actions which have taken place and do not reflect many other activities which have happened in the background.

  • Ian Allardice and Alasdair Dunn have been appointed interim Directors and are now registered with Companies House. This meets our legal requirement to trade as a private limited company. Ian and Alasdair are the two largest independent shareholders and both have the requisite knowledge, skills and experience to act as statutory directors.
  • A resolution was submitted and passed to shareholders to change the Club’s Articles of Association so Club Directors can now only be appointed by a shareholder vote.
  • Andy Kennedy, a former player with the Club and a former Operations Manager, has volunteered to act as the interim Operations Manager to ensure the day-to day-running of the Club continues.
  • Robert Clubb, recently elected to the Trust Board, is working on the Club’s IT systems to allow access to the website, emails, finance and other digital facilities thus ensuring operational continuity.
  • Jim McAllister, another recently elected Trust Board member and already the Club’s Child Well-Being and Protection Officer, has been appointed to the Club’s Executive Board with responsibility for Child Welfare and Protection. This is required to meet the SFA Club Licensing Requirements.
  • Following the publishing of the recent AGM voting results, Trust Membership has been re-opened on the ClubForce platform.

Due to the fantastic efforts of everyone involved, the game against Albion Rovers ran smoothly and a huge thanks to everyone who made this possible.

On the footballing side, the Club was represented at the game with Bonnyrigg Rose and have representatives from the club attending this Saturday’s game at Forfar. Talks have taken place with First Team Manager Darren Young and his team to reassure him that he has the full support of the Trust and the new interim Club Board.

Both the Trust and Club are continuing to work on the many other things that need to be done, including revising policies and procedures while creating a transparent and effective process to manage and appoint permanent Directors to the Club. This will not be done before a new governance structure is in place and has been ratified by the Trust Membership.

There have been no new postings on the Club website and Facebook page over the last fortnight, but we hope to be able to update the website soon. Both the Club and Trust plan to keep our fans and members up-to-date with further progress as and when it happens.

Thank you for your continued support of Stirling Albion Football Club.

SAST Board & SAFC Board
8th September 2022

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