Trust and Club Sign Working Together Agreement

9 Feb
Steve Smith and Alasdair Dunn sign the agreement

Yesterday, Wednesday 8th February 2023, marked a momentous occasion in the history of Stirling Albion Football Club and Stirling Albion Supporters’ Trust when the two parties signed a Working Together Agreement.

This agreement lays out the governance framework and set of rules by which the football club will be run on behalf of its owners and reflects the fact that Stirling Albion is a majority fan-owned club with the Supporters’ Trust being the majority shareholder.
The agreement includes:

  • Clarification on the roles of the Club Board and the Trust Board;
  • The make up of the Club Board and the democratic process for appointing directors, and;
  • Reserved matters which need the approval of the Club’s majority owners.

The agreement was signed in the Forthbank boardroom yesterday by Alasdair Dunn, Director, on behalf of Stirling Albion Football Club and by Steve Smith, Secretary, on behalf of Stirling Albion Supporters’ Trust.

Alasdair Dunn said “This agreement has been put together after an extensive analysis of how other fan-owned clubs throughout the UK are governed. The result is an agreement which gives the Club clarity and stability and provides a platform for a harmonious and constructive working relationship between the Club and its owners long into the future.”

Steve Smith said “There has been a long period of uncertainty over the direction of the club and this agreement is a positive move to have a transparent and open method which reflects the values and aims of the Supporters’ Trust to have Stirling Albion at the heart of the Community.”

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