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21 Apr

The Stirling Albion Supporters’ Trust is pleased to announce that the joint Selection Committee has made its second set of recommendations to the Trust Board.

The Selection Committee as per the Working Together Agreement have continued a selection process which involves application and interview procedures. The Committee is made up of Bjarni Eyvindsson and Kelly-Marie Wilson representing the Trust Board and Andy Kennedy and Ian Allardice representing the Club.

Here are the recommendations as shared with the Trust Board

Alasdair Dunn to Become Financial Director

Alasdair was taken to his first Stirling Albion game by his Dad almost 50 years ago and is the third biggest shareholder in the Club.

For 11 years he was CFO and Deputy CEO of Hamleys, the toy retailer, and was highly instrumental in running and growing Hamleys from a £40m turnover business through a handful of UK stores to a £200m business through 110 stores in 20 countries around the world. He is an experienced board-level executive, is highly skilled in financial management, strategy formulation and business planning, and is a strong leader and relationship manager.

Alasdair’s remit will be all aspects of financial management, financial reporting, tax, audit liaison and strategic planning.

Robert Clubb to Become Digital and IT Director

Robert Clubb is an IT and security professional with over 30 years experience in the industry. He is a long-term Stirling Albion supporter. He’s been volunteering with the club for the last 6 months, working on improving the Club’s IT systems and processes. He’s a current Trust Board member and past Chairman.

Robert will be making sure we have an IT infrastructure that helps us grow and develop as a business. Robert is keen to promote Community Ownership and the views of Trust members.

As such, we would seek the approval of both individuals via an advisory vote.

Subject to election, Robert Clubb would also act as a Trust Representative on the Company Board of Stirling Albion alongside Jim McAllister.

Members should have received instructions on how to vote along with a security code.

If you haven’t received instructions or a code yet please get in touch by


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